Online casinos and operators usually offer their players gifts as a way to thank and reward them. Throughout this guide, our experts will explain how to use free spins to get iPhone X. To know about casinos with incredible free spins offer, visit

Free Spins on a Gift Wheel

One of the common ways that operators offer gifts such as an iPhone X to their users/players is through a special Wheel of Fortune game. This is a giant wheel that has markings that indicate different gifts that player can win.

Depending on the operator or online casino, players can be offered free spins to use on the wheel. Any position where the arrow of the game lands after it is being spun by a player decides the prize to be won.

  • iPhone X can be offered as a gift on Wheel of Fortune game or prize in a tournament
  • The more spins you play, the higher your chance of winning the prize
  • Terms and conditions apply to get iPhone X with free spins

There are also cases where an operator can sell free spins to players. For instance, you player can buy 10 free spins for $50 at a casino or operator's website and be allowed to spin the giant wheel of fortune to win iPhone.

Winning iPhone X as part of a Tournament Reward

Besides winning iPhone X as part of the prize offered in a Wheel of Fortune game, online casinos can offer it as a tournament reward. It may be the first prize given to the player that tops the leaderboard of a slot tournament.

Free Spins for Tournament

Some online casinos can offer players free spins that they can use to participate in their tournament. For instance, a casino can offer 10 free spins deposit bonus to players, and whoever wins the highest walks away with the grand prize, an iPhone X.

Consider T&Cs

Whether the iPhone X is being offered as a Wheel of Fortune prize or a tournament reward, you need to be aware that there are some T&Cs you will need to take into consideration before you can win the prize. This includes:

  • The validity period of the bonus
  • Wagering requirement (if needed)
  • Payment method restrictions

Additional Information

To get a better chance to win an iPhone X using free spins on either a Wheel of Fortune game or tournament, you may need to play more spins. However, in the end, it will all come down to how lucky you are.

Summary and Conclusion

This article has discussed how to use free spins to get iPhone X. Remember that it can be offered a gift on either a Wheel of Fortune game or as a reward in a tournament. Why not check out operators that offer iPhone X today!