Most new players often struggle with finding free spins when playing coin master such as at . Follow out guide below to find numerous ways you can use to get the free spins for your game.

Daily Links at Coin Master

One sure way you can get the free spins when playing at Coin Master is through their daily links. The free spins at Coin Master are usually updated on a daily basis for players.

As a new player, it is highly recommended to bookmark their page and check each new day for some new in-game rewards on offer. Most new player are eligible to get up to 25 free spins.

Following Coin Master on Social Media

How can you get the daily links for Coin Master apart from bookmarking their page? One sure way you can achieve this is by following them on their social media handles each new day for updates.

Most of the Coin Master's developers post a number of useful links for players. The links are useful in getting your hands on some of the free spins offered by Coin Master without any struggles.

Signing for Email Gifts

It is not a guarantee that the daily links or following them on social media will land you free spins. If you are running out of ideas, you can decide to signup for their email gifts.

You become eligible to get free daily spins by following the links posted on their email. You will not get any spasms when signing up to their email checklist for accessing their variety of free spins.

Inviting Your Friends

Coin Master use this technique to get more subscribers on their channel. It works in a manner that you invite a new player to their page. After the player signs up, you get 40 free spins.

Your invited friend does not necessarily have to play the new game to activate the free spins. All they have to do is download and while logging into their social media site to earn the free spins.

Other Techniques to Use

There are other ways you can use to claim the free spins at Coin Master. One way is by actually spinning. You can unlock more free spins wen you hit the triple symbol sign in a row.

The last technique is by watching their ads. You can get a tone of free spins by watching a number of video ads. All you have to do is scroll on the slot machine to unlock.