Pirate King is a mobile game that has been in existence since 2013 and downloaded millions of times. If you want to learn more about other mobile games, you can check through freespins-casino.land platform.

How Pirate King works

Pirate King is a simple game where you play to build a kingdom for yourself on an island. This will establish your kingship and you have to do anything to keep the kingdom safe

You will be faced with other pirates trying to take over your kingdom. Your job is to find every means to retain dominance which is only achieved by building fortresses and other defence infrastructure.

How to claim free spins

When playing Pirate Kings, you will need loads of coins to build your kingdom. You will mostly get this when you are spinning the bonus wheel. However, to spin the wheel, you will have to spend some coins.

The game offers different avenues for you to claim free spins and spin the wheel without using your coins. The popular tree spin channel is the daily bonus. This bonus is given every day and the bonus varies.

Gaining free spins

You can earn free spins by inviting your friends via facebook. As soon as your friends accepts the invitation and join the game through facebook, you will be given some bonus. Other avenue to receive free spin is by

  • Attacking and winning friend.

The game itself is not bound by time. You can play at your own pace. A good strategy is to have a good defence to help you against attack and secure your kingdom as you play the game.

Features of Pirate King

Pirate King has an amazing 3D world set up for players to set sail in and do battle. You get to compete with real life players using the Mingle feature to attack, defend and revenge.

The game also comes with different defensive objects. One of the useful ones is the protective shield. The higher the upgrade of the shield, the stronger the defence. However, it is not compulsory to have it.

Taking up the journey

Pirate King is a complete adventure game. It is free to play however, if you want faster upgrades, you can make some purchases. There are different ways to earn free spins which will also help in getting coins.

You can download the Pirate King hack app to help unlock all the game feature, in this case you have the ability to use any feature at will. Also, this comes with unlimited free spins.